Below are a sample of titles I have worked on over the last 20+ years either as a Designer, Producer, Creative Director or Studio head.

Ben is a good leader who is able to communicate vision in a manner that is inspirational yet humble. Ben exemplifies many of the qualities that led to the great Bioware games of the past – humility, integrity and a drive to innovate.
— James Ohlen - VP, Studio Creative Director, Bioware
Ben speaks fluent developer and publisher, can start or finish projects and ultimately just wants to make every game he works on fun. His passion for design inspires and encourages everyone he works with.
— Neil Postlethwaite - Head of Digital Development (Mobile) at SEGA
His experience working both externally with publishers and his years of work internally with teams give him a unique perspective and an ability to work with all parties involved to make the best game possible. His keen creative eye and ability to work with others guarantees you will get the best out of your team and the best for your project.
— Kalvin Lyle - Global Outsource Manager, Crytek